Why CEOs Need to Be on LinkedIn

Why CEOs Need to Be on LinkedIn

As a CEO, your plate is undoubtedly full, and social media is not often your top priority.

Initially, you might question the significance of your presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

However, a notable shift is underway as more CEOs recognize the significance of executive social media and commit to refining their LinkedIn presence. And many are using executive ghostwriters that have spent time in the corporate world. 

But why the sudden emphasis on LinkedIn? The answer lies in its ability to amplify your reach, assert your influence, foster meaningful connections, and ultimately, contribute to revenue generation for your organization.

1. Reach Highly Educated Professionals in one Place

Where else can you have access to 1 Billion+ professionals in a single place? LinkedIn is the largest professional network. One third of LinkedIn users held a bachelor degree or equivalent. Additionally, 26 percent of LinkedIn users in the U.S. held a masters degree or equivalent. And with that education comes high salaries and disposable income. In fact the average according to LinkedIn data is $110K USD HHI - the highest of any social media platform. 

2. Connect with Buyers Already in a Business Mindset

Unlike many other social platforms, LinkedIn users maintain a professional mindset during their time on the platform. They're not casually browsing; instead, they're focused on advancing their careers and achieving their business objectives. Consequently, they actively seek out content, products, and services that align with their professional aspirations.

3. Ability to Shape Conversation

Being active on LinkedIn allows CEOs to share their perspectives on key issues, industry trends, and challenges. By contributing valuable content and engaging with their audience, CEOs can position themselves as influential thought leaders, thereby shaping industry conversations and driving positive change.

4. People Already Search for You 

Regardless of your activity, people will search for you on LinkedIn. Be it by peers, investors, journalists, job seekers, or potential business partners, LinkedIn serves as the primary platform for individuals seeking insights into other professionals. People will not only look at your profile, but the content you have shared and make judgments about your expertise, leadership and dedication to your company. Building your presence allows you to control the narrative. 

5. Access Ungated Feedback

As a CEO you may only get limited customer feedback - or snippets from your marketing research team. But actively being on LinkedIn, leveraging social listening and engaging with the customers allows you to have a better ear to the ground on customer and brand sentiment and be able to have your team respond to that sentiment in a more expedient manner. 

Stop underestimating the impact of executive social media and get started today. Ultimately if you don't invest in your LinkedIn presence then you will lose market share to a CEO that does. 


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