Oz Nazilli

Founder, PMF Studio | Canada

I recently worked with Christina as part of an effort to revitalize my LinkedIn presence. I've been in product management for 13+ years, but had never really taken the time to make sure that my LinkedIn represents who I am and what I do accurately.

Recently, I started my own boutique consultancy on helping startups get to product-market fit, which was a good trigger to reassess my LinkedIn page. I met Christina by chance at TechTO, and really liked her views on how she thinks about one's own Linkedin presence. The fact that she also has deep experience, both in brand marketing and at LinkedIn itself, helped provide the peace of mind to jump into an audit with her.

She delivered the findings within a week, and walked through them with me in detail. She had a very keen eye for how I could succinctly and clearly convey my experience, and she also gave me very tactical guidance on how to tell my story in a way that would be easy for the LinkedIn audience to understand. It's only been short time since I started implementing her suggestions but I feel that my LinkedIn presence is 300% better already!

 I'd fully endorse her to anyone who's considering investing time in their LinkedIn. In this day and age, there is no better outlet for getting your professional brand out there!

Ben Finnigan.png__PID:b296039e-65d7-4c8c-aa49-a838e37939c6

Ben Finnigan

Industry Manager, Google | Australia

I've worked with Christina for the past two years, both alongside her as a colleague, and now as a client at EY.

In that time I've witnessed Christina develop and lead EY Canada's social brand strategy into a world-class marketing plan. Transforming the entire way EY Canada and internal stakeholders measure and value their marketing activity. Christina has continuously demonstrated a very sophisticated digital and social knowledge, and has used that knowledge to help upskill and educate the team around her. I’ve been consistently impressed with Christina’s leadership and rapport she was able to build amongst her brand team and her cross functional partners.

This allowed her to navigate difficult internal processes and overcome business challenges with relative ease. Her innovative thinking and collaboration allowed her to grow the business exponentially, and she is an asset to any team she contributes to. 

Will Eves.heic__PID:8c6a49a8-38e3-4939-8613-04f42221aa58

Will Eves

RVP, Sales, Salesloft | UK

At Sprinklr we get to work closely with a large number of digital marketing professionals at the biggest brands in the world, and I can confidently say that Christina is one of the most innovative, knowledgable, and creative social media experts we work with, and someone whom I have learnt a lot from in the past year.

It's a pleasure to work with Christina, not just because she is an honest and kind person - loved by her team and vendors alike - but also because she has real clarity of vision, brilliant ideas, and gets s*** done!

All in a 2-3 month period during lock-down Christina created an outstanding B2B social strategy/roadmap from scratch, hired a brand new A-team of social experts, and organised the regions first remote partner event to maximise the full functionality of EY's marketing technology stack.In short,

I would have no reservations in recommending Christina with regards to social media prowess and digital marketing expertise.

Jeff Rockwell.heic__PID:039e65d7-ec8c-4a49-a838-e37939c61304

Jeff Rockwell

VP, Sales, GasBuddy | Canada

I have had the pleasure of working with Christina on a daily basis over a 3-year timeframe, from both client and colleague perspectives. I could write for pages and pages on why I'd recommend Christina to anyone, but this best sums it up: I was continually impressed by her tenacious, unwavering and, more importantly, uncompromising approach to achieving objectives.

Whether this was as a Brand/Content Marketer, or as an Account Manager with LinkedIn, Christina achieved results. Her tireless work ethic, positive attitude, and out-of-the-box creative thinking always made a positive impact. As a Marketer, she drove measurable results from both branding and performance perspectives.

With LinkedIn, her innovative mindset and superior collaboration skills regularly generated new, improved levels of performance for our Marketing clients. With Christina on your team, you will be better. It's that simple.

Jane Stecyk.heic__PID:96039e65-d7ec-4c6a-89a8-38e37939c613

Jane Stecyk

SVP, Mighty Networks | USA

Christina helped us 5x our social output at Mighty Networks and did it thoughtfully, sharing helpful best practices and insightful reporting every step of the way.

She's also very open to collaboration and experimentation, which is a must for our fast-paced, competitive space

Nick Wong.heic__PID:65d7ec8c-6a49-4838-a379-39c61304f422

Nick Wong

Sr. Account Director, LinkedIn | Canada

I've had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Christina both as a colleague, during her time as a Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn, as well as a client in her role as an Assistant Marketing Director at EY.Christina is a strong marketing strategist with the rare ability to conceptualize business needs at a 40,000-feet view then roll up her sleeves to execute at a tactical level. She brings a data-focused mindset to problem solving and is highly-collaborative with both her peers and vendors to drive to the best solution.

Most importantly, I consider Christina an exceptional team lead. I have been an active participant in the learning & development & team culture initiatives that she has implemented since joining EY; it's clear that she has prioritized a productive environment where her peers & direct reports can thrive.

Shannon Havard.heic__PID:f82cde5a-9e5c-452b-b8f8-d21a18d2fa87

Shannon Havard

CEO, Havard Consulting Group | Canada

Christina is a highly intelligent and powerful brand builder as she understands business and what a strategic go to market plan needs to be on all platforms.

We worked together at the very start of her career and have recently reconnected. What a joy this has been!
She gets it,her trust and genuine engagement has helped 100’s of business from a local and international scope. I’m a BIG fan. 

Marcel Huisman.heic__PID:9e65d7ec-8c6a-49a8-b8e3-7939c61304f4

Marcel Huisman

 Co-Founder, SweatSearch | UK

Chistina Minshull, Queen of TikTok and Master of Socials.

As a human, kind, warm, understanding and honest. In business, clear, direct, helpful, willing, refreshing and innovating.

A pure diamond that you really want to work with!

Arjun Desai.heic__PID:2c9cc2b0-bb51-41d2-9ff0-a2ed1dff2e4a

Arjun Desai

Sr. Product Manager, MoneyLion | USA

Christina has been truly inspiring to work with at LinkedIn, and one of the singular highlights of my professional career.

Her energy, expertise, and compassion is unbounded. As her cross-functional teammate, I worked on a number of new product launches, and safe to say: everything she touches is made better.

Her distinctive perspective in sales & marketing makes her a high-velocity, high-impact leader. She will be a gift to your team!

Adil Somji.png__PID:61b3e847-1f6a-4fb5-9d6d-f38316e9e385

Adil Somji

Founder , Capital Sources | Canada

I had the pleasure of having a Personal Brand Audit with Christina. She helped me create a compelling LinkedIn profile and provided valuable insights on optimizing it. Christina is knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help me with my marketing presence. I had a great experience working with The Brand Audit.

Huda Coutney.jpeg__PID:e8471f6a-efb5-4d6d-b383-16e9e38589cb

Huda County

Brand & Partnerships, WestJet | Canada

Christina and I worked closely together on the WestJet Destination Marketing team where we both managed multiple tourism partners and executed omni-channel integrated marketing campaigns. Although this department that could be demanding at times, Christina always had a very positive attitude and found a way to win for everyone (WestJet and partners) to drive revenue results.We were lucky enough to collaborate on a few flagship projects together, the biggest being our national Disney co-branded marketing partnership.

Christina is very collaborative, strategic and inclusive. Partnerships are important to her and she works hard to manage her relationships. She also fit naturally with the WestJet culture and adopted the “owners” mentality instantly. I would recommend Christina in any marketing role or path she chooses.

Val Pek.jpeg__PID:1f6aefb5-9d6d-4383-96e9-e38589cbc8a4

Val Pek

CEO & Founder, Kitworks | Canada

Christina is thoughtful, incredibly innovative and brings a strong work ethic to teams. Her creative approach to building digital and social campaigns is refreshing, collaborative and strategic. She brings a true passion for marketing and this shines through in everything she does.