The Brand Audit wants to Unleash your Brand Potential.

Equipped with a canvas of marketing expertise from 16+ years at B2B & B2C brands in multiple industries, our Founder, Christina Minshull is a global marketing leader and 2023 LinkedIn Top Voice that captures audience hearts & minds through imaginative storytelling. 

Coming from a growth mindset, Christina helps clients conceptualize and spearhead the art of the possible. 

Fluent in brand strategy, digital strategy & social strategy - she helps clients audit their business to increase revenue, drive awareness, and solidify customer relationships. She believes in the power of personal branding to drive business results and passionate about helping people succeed on LinkedIn regardless of their career point - CEOs, professionals or students. 

Across her marketing career, she has worked for incredible brands such as LinkedIn, WestJet and SportChek and built marketing partnerships with amazing brands such as Disney, adidas, Amazon, Cisco, Nike, Hootsuite, IBM, Microsoft +more.