What Should a CEO be Posting on LinkedIn?

What Should a CEO be Posting on LinkedIn?

While you're realizing that Executive Social Media Strategy is the future, you still struggle with putting hand to keyboard. 

Almost every CEO struggles with what type of content to put on LinkedIn. Many hours are spent thinking and analyze the content to put out. It can be tough to know what your audience will resonate with. 

While I do offer personal brand Masterclasses that help CEOs, Founders and Executives create personalized SEO optimized content strategies - there are general categories that perform well on the platform that I alway. Here are some ideas for topics you can explore:

Curious Thought Leadership

As a CEOs you have a unique opportunity to position yourself as an industry experts by sharing original ideas, insights, and perspectives. Thought leadership content can include thought-provoking articles, opinion pieces, and industry analysis. By sharing your expertise, CEOs can inspire engagement and discussion among their followers, establishing yourself as a trusted authority in your industries. 

Contrarian Takes

Address controversial topics or current events that are relevant to your industry or audience. Offer a balanced perspective and encourage respectful debate and dialogue among your followers. Don't be afraid to take a stance on commonly accepted industry practices or beliefs and present an alternative viewpoint. Question the status quo and offer fresh perspectives that challenge conventional wisdom.

Insightful Industry Trends

Share your perspective on emerging trends, market shifts, and industry developments. Provide valuable insights and analysis to demonstrate your expertise and keep your audience informed. People on LinkedIn are often interested in staying up-to-date with the latest developments in their fields and like to share content that makes them look knowledgeable so this content is ace. 

Personal Stories With Professional Lessons

As a CEO, you accumulate a wealth of experiences, including victories and setbacks, each laden with invaluable lessons. LinkedIn users are keen to glean wisdom from seasoned professionals, making the sharing of personal stories intertwined with professional insights highly sought after

In-depth Industry Research 

Share research findings, industry reports, or data-driven insights relevant to your audience. Provide valuable information and analysis that helps your audience stay informed and make informed decisions.

Human Centric Content

Share personal stories, experiences, and anecdotes. By offering a glimpse into your personal lives and passion, you can create authentic connections with their audience, fostering trust and rapport. Also, highlighting company culture, employee achievements, and community involvement can help humanize the company brand and showcase its values.

Company Updates and Milestones

Keep your audience updated on company news, achievements, and milestones. Whether it's announcing product launches, partnerships, or expansion plans, share exciting updates about your company's progress.

Customer Wins

Highlight customer success stories, testimonials, or case studies that showcase the value your company provides. Share real-life examples of how your products or services have made a difference for your customers.

Passion Projects

Speak to certain causes or organizations that you're a part of and passionate about. People want to see the human behind the brand so the more personal stories resonate well in the LinkedIn feed. 

Employee Spotlights

Showcase the people behind your company's success by featuring employee spotlights or success stories. Highlight individual achievements, recognize outstanding contributions, and celebrate the diversity and talent within your team. Directly tagging the individuals not only helps your employees feel valued, but also contributes to attracting talent.

By covering a range of topics, you can keep your LinkedIn feed engaging, informative, and relevant to your audience, ultimately strengthening your personal brand and driving meaningful engagement. Start today in as little as an hour in my free outline on how to build your executive brand in as little as one day.


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