Build your Executive Brand on LinkedIn

Build your executive brand on LinkedIn

Learn how to build your executive brand on LinkedIn in only 1 hr/day. We know you're busy. Here's how to do LinkedIn efficiently according to an Ex-Linkedin manager.

Customize your feed. 

  • Time Allocation: 5 Minutes
  • Directions: Follow other leaders, brands, hashtags and competitors in your industry. This will help make your newsfeed relevant. 

Axe the Fluff

  • Time Allocation: 5 Minutes
  • Directions: Use the --- ellipses on the side of posts to tell the LinkedIn Algorithm what you don't want to see (and why). This will keep your newsfeed relevant. 

Scroll your newsfeed.

  • Time Allocation: 10 Minutes
  • Directions: Analyze what topics and articles are trending.

Choose one topic / article.

  • Time Allocation: 10 Minutes
  • Directions: Write a post with your unique perspective. try to find a new angle, core insight, or contrarian perspective from the original author.

Use Answer the Public.

  • Time Allocation: 5 Minutes
  • Directions: This tool will help you understand what your audience is searching surrounding that topic.

Select 5 posts to interact with.

  • Time Allocation: 10 Minutes
  • Directions: Be Social! comment on that post tagging the original creator. Avoid generic statements like I agree/disagree, or that's interesting. add value to their original commentary, explain your POV and be respectful always.

Network & Answer 1-2 DMs.

  • Time Allocation: 10 Minutes
  • You wouldn't ignore people in real life so don't ignore your LinkedIn inbox. you never know who could be a future customer, advocate or employee.

Connect with 5 new people.

  • Time Allocation: 5 Minutes
  • Directions: Diversify your network with new voices and perspectives. Personalize your connection requests with a brief message explaining why you'd like to connect. Building a broader network will increase your visibility and potential opportunities.


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