Social Media Trends for 2024

Social Media Trends for 2024

Brands, what's the scoop for social in 2024?

Hootsuite just released their coveted Social Media Trends Report and it's always a trusted oracle for social media revelations. 

So if you're not afraid of a little data overdose, check their 40 page report in full, but for those on a data diet, below are my top 5 takeaways I'll be weaving into clients' social strategies in '24. 

134% of audiences say self-promotion has a negative impact on how they view brands. 

I often coach clients on a "headphones over megaphones" approach where brands listen to understand the audience and their needs.

Brands, it's time to tune in, not just shout out.

Not every executive request belongs on social - and in my corporate experience it's often 80% of requests that shouldn't hit the feed.

Don't be that brand stuck in internal chatter. Dance to the audience's beat and let your content calendar groove with their questions, struggles, and conversations.

2 | 56% of consumers think brands should be more relatable on social media.

This stat underscores the growing demand for authenticity and connection. 

The report states that "brands that publish entertaining content on social will succeed in winning eyeballs, engagement, and (eventually) market share away from brands that keep on publishing the same old stuff. This isn’t a strategy you can pivot to overnight—especially if you’ve been measuring ROI through metrics that aren’t aligned with your initiatives." 

So not only do we need to create more of the upper funnel content, but we also need to measure differently than lead gel content. If you're measuring everything based on leads - you're doing it wrong. 

With now 73% of business decision making roles occupied by millennials, brands need to change their content creation. Millennials and GenZ don't want to be "sold to" immediately, but instead develop a relationship / be entertained first. 

The data encapsulates shifting marketing dynamics and we find ourselves in an era where the customer journey is now centred on marketing-first instead of sales-driven.

3Get ready for the AI rollercoaster in 2024! Trust issues, anyone?

The report spills the tea on AI soaring in image generation (up 136%) goodbye stock media, chatbot convos (up 318%), and text tweaking (up 103%).

But not everyone's cozy with AI.

While the report shows Gen Z and Millennials are more trusting - Gen X and Boomers are side-eyeing the new tech menu.

So brands be sure to tailor your AI social approach to match your audience's preferences. 

The report wisely concludes AI is the assistant, not the star. You're the boss; delegate wisely. Your audience's trust is the VIP. And this is the approach I take with clients. 

I’m a huge advocate of the AI revolution and while I think it can be very effective for foundational tasks however current AI models are not sophisticated enough to create meaningful executive thought leadership wholly

    4 | Brands are most confident in LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatApp to deliver a positive ROI. 

    As someone that has built a career on helping clients with their LinkedIn strategy to drive ROI, I'm not surprised to see it in first place with a 70% confidence rate.

    I think this shows a macro shift as brands implement attribution software and become more sophisticated in their measurement strategy they are going to continue to value platforms that use first party data targeting (like LinkedIn does) and recognize the downfalls of 3rd party inferred targeting on other platforms. 

    Also, not a surprise in the report to see X (Twitter) is near the bottom at a 30% confidence rate given this year's tumultuous takeover, platform modifications, and controversial layoffs. Trust is at an all time low with that platform and we're seeing the mass migration of their users to other platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn. 

    5 | TikTok social activation increased 16% YOY. 

    This exponential growth (other platforms in the report declined or were less than 5% growth) indicates a growing interest and engagement with TikTok and showcases a shift in perception about the platform.

    It's not just Gen Z and dancing. 

    As a TikTok creator and marketing leader that has helped create several brand TikTok presences, I will continue to advocate to both B2C and B2B brands that this platform still has incredible untapped potential in 2024.

    There are many reasons for investing in this platform including changing search habits, its influence on trends and culture, the opportunity for audience dialogue and feedback and its ability to build strong connections and brand loyalty.


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