Can AI Create CEO Thought Leadership

Can AI create CEO thought leadership?

Can it? Absolutely. 

Should it? Absolutely not (yet). 

As a digital-first marketer and current Founder, I’m a huge advocate of the AI revolution and constantly reviewing new AI solutions to help manage my client workflow and streamline processes. 

As Zapier's CMO Kieran Flanagan so aptly put it "AI won’t replace marketers. Marketers using AI will replace marketers not using AI".

In its current evolutionary stage, AI excels at handling foundational tasks such as image generation, brainstorming ideas, creating content outlines and fine-tuning content. Continuous strides in AI platforms are progressively bridging the gap to achieve content that more closely mirrors human expression.

But I draw the line when it comes to CEOs and Founders relying on AI to produce wholly their thought leadership content for LinkedIn. As of now, AI models lack the sophistication needed to generate genuinely impactful executive thought leadership.

And here's my thoughts as to why:

  • Zero backstory vibes - CEO thought leadership demands personal insights, stories, and in-depth industry knowledge—nuances challenging for AI to mimic. We want the stories not just the facts. 
  • Slow to the party - Exceptional CEO thought leadership reacts to current events swiftly. AI models, with their inherent delays, struggle to tap into the latest trends, dialogues and industry news.
  • Bias, Bias, Baby - We all know AI models are faulty in this area. Even if it’s trained on your brand voice and the CEO's voice, it may fail to pick up on bias which leaves your brand open to the repercussions. 
  • Heart emojis missing - Engaging thought leadership requires the writer to be empathetic and tap into the emotions of the audience. Humans can adapt their message for context, but AI is not adept in this area. 
  • Trust Issues - When consumers find out content is AI generated that may elicit some trust issues. 62% of consumers say that they are less likely to engage with content if they know it was created by AI The essence of thought leadership content is rooted in establishing trust with the audience, and the utilization of AI in this context undermines that fundamental purpose.

In Hootsuite's Social Media Trend Report they advocate for using AI as the assistant, not the star. You're the boss; delegate wisely. Your audience's trust should always be the VIP.

While there are avenues to embrace the AI revolution and leverage new tools in refining your CEO or Founder thought leadership content - don't replace the human touch just yet. 


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