Top LinkedIn Posts of 2023

Top LinkedIn posts of 2023

When I'm hosting my LinkedIn Masterclasses my clients often ask - what do YOU post about?

In response, I outline the specific categories I focus on and give a few examples. Recognizing the value of providing tangible examples, I delve deep into my LinkedIn creator analytics to identify the top-performing themes in my LinkedIn content.

Reflecting on the data, I've distilled six high-performing content categories along with insights into why these particular themes resonate. This retrospective analysis offers a glimpse into the success factors behind my content as a LinkedIn Creator and I hope that it helps inspire you on your own thought leader journey!

1. Pop Culture

Pop culture is a shared experience that connects people across various demographics. When you tap into familiar and current trends, you create content that resonates with a broad audience, fostering a sense of relatability. Pop culture content tends to have a higher virality potential. Trending topics can spread quickly as people share, comment, and engage with content related to what's currently popular.

2. Tech Layoffs Commentary

Layoff commentary was a hot topic in 2023 with over 28% of professionals going through a layoff in past two years. Layoff posts that focuses on resilience, adaptability, and strategies for navigating change can be particularly well-received. LinkedIn users appreciate content that offers practical advice and a positive outlook in the face of challenges. When sharing I'm always very transparent, candid and authentic which is why I think my followers gravitate to these posts.

3. Social Media Strategy 

Longevity in a discipline establishes credibility. Users on LinkedIn are more likely to trust and engage with content shared by someone like myself with a proven track record. My 15+ years spend in brand and social strategy becomes a key factor in building trust with the audience. LinkedIn users often seek content that keeps them informed about the latest developments in their respective fields.

Unlike many of the false prophet "LinkedIn influencers" giving a ton of misleading and inaccurate advice, I have built my brand on integrity only share verifiable stats and informed LinkedIn and social media advice based on actually working there, running social media strategies for 15+ years and working directly with the platforms. 

4. My Mini MBA Creator Partnership with Mark Ritson

In 2023, I strategically engaged in creator partnerships with brands that not only resonated with my values but also seamlessly aligned with my content strategy, aiming to deliver meaningful value to my audience. One noteworthy collaboration was with Mark Ritson and his esteemed team at Marketing Week Mini MBA. The following highlights a selection of the posts from this partnership on LinkedIn - but TikTok performed even better. My audience enjoyed hearing my MBA journey and learning alongside me. The results underscore the undeniable success achieved, emphasizing the transformative impact of co-branded marketing initiatives in elevating brand equity.

5. Contrarian Advice

Contrarian advice encourages LinkedIn members to think critically and question prevailing norms. This intellectual stimulation can be particularly appealing to a professional audience whom often seek content that challenges them to expand their thinking. The provocative nature of such content captures attention and stimulates engagement, prompting users to share their perspectives and contribute to discussions. I do a lot of this - it's just mostly in comments, not posts. 

6. BTS (Behind the Scenes)

For professionals, seeing behind-the-scenes content can offer valuable insights into how successful individuals and organizations operate. LinkedIn members appreciate content that is not only informative, but also entertaining. BTS content provides a glimpse into my life as a marketer, Founder and human. 

Looking forward to 2024

Now that I've taken a good look at what posts got the most love on LinkedIn, I've got the lowdown on what my followers are itching for in 2024. Figuring out what clicks with them is like having a treasure map for my content game plan.

Performing a personal brand audit and implementing social listening to hear what resonates with my audience is key when it comes to planning out what's next. By going through the hits and misses, I'm not just crunching numbers; I'm sussing out the vibes and interests that really strike a chord with my crowd so I can make 2024 the best LinkedIn creator year yet!


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