Why you need a Personal Brand Audit

What is a personal brand audit?

The impact of a personal brand

In an era where tweets carry more weight than resumes, your personal brand isn’t just an option; it's the must-have accessory for every professional.

Think of your personal brand as your very own virtual Swiss Army knife – capable of not only unlocking doors to sales, partnerships, and job opportunities but also seamlessly connecting you with a network that makes even the most sociable of social butterflies envious.

However, your personal brand isn't a phenomenon that materializes through mere chance. Instead, it requires careful creation through strategic intent and purposeful effort.

A personal brand audit

But creation is only the beginning.

Like a company brand, your personal brand requires auditing from time to time. A personal brand audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your personal brand to assess its effectiveness, consistency, and alignment with your goals. It involves examining various elements that contribute to your personal brand such as social media platforms, your resume, and your networking strategy.

The goal of a personal brand audit is to ensure that the way you present yourself professionally accurately reflects who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to go in your career.

Our personal brand audits are personalized to the objectives and personalities of our clients and contain expert advice on the LinkedIn platform from an ex-LinkedIn Manager who has previous experience consulting 100+ enterprise companies with executives at top companies like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, TELUS, Rogers, Dell, Hootsuite + more.

The Brand Audit just celebrated 2 years in business and since our inception, we have been tracking via client surveys the types of clients that have purchased personal brand audits as well as their reasons for doing so.

Types of Personal Brand Audit Purchasers

Types of Brand Audit Purchasers 

Top 10 Reasons for Personal Brand Audit Purchases

  1. Self-Reflection and Clarity: A brand audit prompts you to reflect on your values, strengths, and goals. It helps you gain a clearer understanding of who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to go in your career from someone trained in LinkedIn.
  2. Alignment with Career Goals: An audit ensures that your personal brand aligns with your current and future career objectives. On your journey it's helpful to step back and evaluate if your digital presence is aligned with those goals.
  3. Adaptation to Changes: Industries, platforms, trends, and personal aspirations evolve over time. An audit allows you to assess whether your personal brand is still relevant and adaptable to these changes, ensuring you remain competitive and attractive to your target audience.
  4. Consistency and Coherence: A thorough audit ensures that your offline and digital presence, such as social media profiles, resumes, and networking efforts, maintains a consistent and coherent image. This consistency reinforces your brand's credibility.
  5. Identification of Weak Points: An audit helps you identify any weak points or inconsistencies in your brand from an unbiased third party that may hinder your professional growth. By addressing these areas, you can make necessary adjustments to enhance your overall image.
  6. Creation of Competitive Advantage: Understanding how you differ from competitors within your industry is crucial. A brand audit helps you pinpoint your unique strengths and create whitespace.
  7. Builds Trust: A strong personal brand builds trust with your audience, be it colleagues, clients, or employers. Regular audits ensure that your brand remains trustworthy and resonates with your target audience.
  8. Enhanced Networking: When you know your personal brand inside out, you can articulate it more effectively during networking events and conversations. This clarity enhances your ability to connect with others who share your values and goals.
  9. Personal Growth: Personal branding is a journey that also contributes to personal growth. An audit helps you track your progress, celebrate your achievements, and set new goals for further development.
  10. Prevent Stagnation: Without periodic assessments, personal brands can become stagnant and fail to evolve with changing circumstances. An audit revitalizes your brand, ensuring that you stay dynamic, adaptable, and knowledgeable about digital platforms like LinkedIn.



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