9 Things Event Marketers are Getting Wrong

9 Things Event Marketers are Getting Wrong

I've attended over 40+ events in the past 6 months in Canada, US and United Kingdom. Here's what event organizers are getting wrong.

1. Neglecting Moderator Selection

Moderators are just as important as speakers. Most panel moderators are just asking stoically and robotically the questions instead of being an actual interviewer and creating a two-way dialogue. If you need someone to do this learn more about me and reach out

2. Prioritizing Credentials over Engagement 

Stop choosing panelists based on their logo or other artificial success markers and start choosing panelists by how engaging or insightful they are as speakers.

3. Audience Curation Matters

Who is in the room matters. Organizers are inviting their friends instead of curating a quality audience. If I go to an event and it's not filled with people genuinely wanting to network and have meaningful conversations I’m not attending again. 

4. Neglecting Structured Networking Opportunities 

There’s a desire for structured ways to network. We need move events that focus on connecting the audience in the room - rather than just having the audience tune into the speakers. 

5. Exorbitant Fees for Limited Value

Some are charging absorbent rates to attend with not a lot of value offered to the participants and then we’re talking about that in our communities. Focus less on your goody bag and lunch - and more on the quality of your programming. A $600 1-day Summit for women is creating echo chambers of privilege - not expertise.

6. Evasion of Tough Questions

When asked, panelists aren’t handling the tough questions. Instead they are pulling from a rehearsed PR scripts and answering generically or avoiding the question. We need to create more safe spaces in the event scene. 

7. Mysogynistic Questions

Gendered and clichéd questions perpetuate stereotypes and hinder meaningful discussion. Avoid inquiries about balancing work and personal life or battling imposter syndrome

8. Specialized Seniority Events

In the UK and US there is a ton of this, but I’d personally love more specialized events in Canada for Director +. I rarely get to connect with Director+ level marketers. It’s such a gap that I’m considering hosting an event - if interest comment below and I’ll organize. 

What are you seeing be done wrong at events that you want changed? 👇


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