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  • Lumen5

    Millennials kill everything (sorry), including traditional marketing–but in a good way. Taking us away from the stuffy boardrooms join our discussion on the era of faster, more casual marketing–the core of “Business to Human”.

  • LinkedIn

    A conversation with LinkedIn, Bloomberg, IBM & EY on how to build and strengthen your brand's community on the LinkedIn platform.

  • Marketing Jam

    Chatted with Marketing Jam on effective LinkedIn advertising campaigns and how to build a brand presence on the platform.

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  • Hootsuite Blog

    Chatted with Hootsuite on how to build a results-driven social media strategy by leveraging the power of audience data and social listening.

  • B2B Content Show

    Spoke with the B2B Content Show on how to build a Global brand-to-demand Social Media Strategy from the ground up.

  • Consulta

    Chatted with Consulta team on the power of a personal brand, audience connectivity and building a powerful company brand.

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