19 tips for social media copywriting

19 tips for social media copywriting

As marketers, we know at the heart of every amazing social strategy is amazing copywriting.

Copywriting can make or break a brand's ability to grab attention, convey its message, build brand identity, and convert followers into customers on social media.

The difference between social-first copywriters and those who know grammar basics is staggering. As a leader who has seen the impact on metrics and coached many social media teams on how to write exciting and engaging social copy - here are my 19 insider tips:

1. Action Verbs - Use active, not passive voice. Active verbs come as stronger for the brand, prompt the reader to take more action, and see themselves in the copy. 

2. Clear over Clever - Exemplify empathy for the audience by using clear and accessible language. People skim and scroll so the stackable content always wins.

3. Conciseness before Grammar - When writing social copy it's OKAY to not use the standard Grammar as you would writing long-form content. In fact on TikTok using incorrect grammar is part of the cultural zeitgeist.

4. Adapt to Platform Nuances - Brand voice is not your social voice. The way we speak matters and it will be very different from LinkedIn to TikTok in the vernacular we use. 

5. Axe the Fluff - Attention spans on social are limited so always cut the fluff. Is it adding value to the reader's comprehension? If not - let it go.

6. Use the PAS Method - PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solve). Show the audience that your products add value to their lives. State a problem, agitate it without being super negative then solve that problem. 

7. Evoke Emotion - If you want more engagement, you can try to evoke emotion in your copywriting. Positive or negative emotion. Emotion wins over rational EVERY time. 

8. Use FOMO - FOMO is a great way to grab attention. Create a sense of urgency, scarcity, or exclusivity.

9. Talk Human - Read your social posts out loud - they should read like a conversation between friends. There's a human on the other side of the post, remember that. 

10. Be Searchable - Social platforms are now becoming search platforms. TikTok has taken over in terms of the go-to search platform for Gen Z. Make sure you're incorporating high-value keywords...but don't make it keyword soup.

11. Always Use a CTA - Your followers read your post, but now what? They scroll ....By crafting persuasive copy you can stop that scroll and prompt them to take action. 

12. Use Hashtags and Emojis Strategically - Don't underestimate their value. Use 1-2 Macro hashtags and 2-3 specific hashtags. Use your brand # consistently. And evoke emotion, fun, and comprehension with emojis. Images speak louder than words. 

13. Be Accessible - ensure you are capitalizing each word in a hashtag for the visually impaired so the voice can pick up the differentiation in the words, ensure links are descriptive, and use descriptive language.

14. Headphones over Microphones: Listen and understand your audience's interests, preferences, and pain points so you can tailor your copy to resonate with them.

15. Use humor (when appropriate): Humor can be a powerful tool for engaging your audience.

16. Hooks matter - Most target audiences are busy, you need something catchy. They pique curiosity, create a sense of intrigue and mystery and make readers curious to learn more. Click here to steal my top 100 performing hooks that capture and keep attention.

17. Be purposeful - Is your content objective to educate, inform, entertain, or build trust? Establishing this can ensure that you review the copy with that objective lens.

18. To create quality content, you need to consume quality content. Curate your social media feeds with high-quality marketers and brands to learn and grow from.

19. Have fun: Social media is the place to experiment - remember to have fun with your copywriting!


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