100 hooks to capture and keep attention on social

100 hooks to capture and keep attention on social

Want to stop the scroll for your next social post?

You need to hook the audience.

If you don't capture their interest quickly, they will move on.

Types of Hooks

Hooks can be classified in two distinct categories 1) visual or 2) verbal.

  1. Verbal Hook: Consists of a compelling statement, question, anecdote, or any engaging content that is placed at the beginning of a piece to pique the reader or listener's curiosity.

  2. Visual Hook: In visual media, a visual hook refers to a striking or captivating image, graphic, design, or element that is used to immediately grab the viewer's attention. 

Benefits of Hooks

Incorporating hooks into your social content is one of my top social copywriting best practices and offers several benefits. They can significantly enhance your ability to engage and connect with your audience and result in:

  • Hooks = higher engagement rates.
  • Hooks = higher completion rates.
  • Higher completion rates = post gets pushes by algorithm. 
  • Algorithm push = higher views.
  • Higher views = more chance of going viral.
  • Hooks are key for both capturing and keeping that much desired attention. 

For the purposes of this blog we'll talk about the verbal hooks you can use on LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and more!

100 Tested Hooks for Social

1. Your X isn't [adverb] you just need X. 

2. POV: You [insert scenario]

3. My secret to [popular trend] revealed!

4. Ever wondered how [action] is done?

5. BTS [Behind-the-scenes] of my [creative process].

6. Mistakes to avoid when [common activity].

7. 5 things you didn’t know about [topic].

8. Have you ever heard the story behind [topic]?

9. I'm revealing my top secrets to [topic].

10. Why [X] is the key to a [X].

11.The ultimate [X] checklist to [action]. 

12. Reasons why you should [X]. 

13. Here is the exact [X] you need as an [X].

14. If you like [X][, you will love [X]. 

15. This is your sign to [X].

16. Is here anything worst than [X}.

17. Stop doing [X].

18. Let's discuss the latest trend in [industry or profession].

19. Juicy news or gossip / contrarian statement.

20. 99% of your [target audience] don't. To be the 1% you need to [X].

21. I will never [adjective] from learning this.

22. I will show you how to have the best [X] of your life.

23. This is going to blow your mind.

24. If I died tomorrow this is what I would want you to know about [X].

25. This is how to have the most [insert adverb] [action] ever.

26. Have you ever had to [X]?

27. Let me put you on.

28. Come with me to...

29. Am I the only one who...

30. If you're struggling with [X] a [X] might be the way to go. 

31. You may not know this but...

32. You've been looking for [X].

33. X people start strolling I have the perfect [X] for you.

34. Still trying to figure out [X]? Here's an epic hack...

35. This [product] is the secret to [X].

36. Let me de-influence you...

37. I literally cannot go a day without [X].

38. Don't waste your money on [X] instead buy [X].

39. Why is nobody talking about [X].

40. This [X] is a game changer.

41. Get ready with me for [insert occasion] 

42. I'm about to share my biggest secret about [X]. 

43. Here's a challenge for you...

44. Today was the worst day ever...

45. I messed up....

46. This is [topic] explained for [target audience]

47. Something that feels illegal to know is [X]

48. There's nothing more painful than [X]

49. [X] reasons why [X].

50. How I got [X] in 24 hours.

51. Here are the 3 best ways to [X].

52. Here are [X] mistakes your might be making...

53. Contrarian opinion on [X].

54. If you're a fan of [X] then you should check out [X].

55. This post/video is for [Target audience with personal experience].

56. If you love [x] and don't have [X] then [X].

57. IDK who needs to hear this, but [X].

58. If you're ever [X] then keep watching/reading...

59. Hear me out...

60. Okay imagine this...

61. If you're [X] you should probably check out [Y].

62. Don't do [X]. do [Y].

63. This is a reminder to do [X].

64. What would you do if....

65. How to do [X] in half the time.

66, Does anyone else hate [X]. 

67. This trick/hack/method will save you hours...

68. [X] is so easy if you...

69. Day in the life of [X].

70. I have a confession about [X].

71. Hate to break it to you, but...

72.Frankly, I'm tired of ....

73. It irks me so much that...

74. [X] will always beat out [X].

75. More people need to know about [X].

76. The biggest mistake I made was when I....

77. If I had known this sooner...

78. Easy hack to [X]...

79. Instead of focusing on [X], focus on [X] 

80. Have you heard...

81. Simple [X] that will make you [X]

82. Why 99% of [target audience] won't [X]. 

83. I about to give you the biggest cheat sheet on...

84. I tried this new method and...

85. If you want [X] do these 5 things...

86. Here's what I would do if I was [action]

87. Rule #1 of being a [X] is never to [X].

88. Must have [products] for [X].

89. Watch till the end...

90.This is a reminder to ....

91. What would you do if [X]. 

92. Things I would never do after learning is [X].

93. If you're lazy but still want...

94. There's a really comforting fact that...

95. I'm going to teach you how to...

96. You're going to miss out on [X] if you don't..

97. The best [target audience] now something that you don't

98. [Famous person] just made a huge mistake by

99. This is the most interesting finding of the last decade

100. Everybody is looking for [fundamental human desire]


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