3 Reasons Your Social Ads Aren't Converting

3 reasons your social ads aren't converting

Struggling with the conversion of your social media ads?

It might not be your lead gen content that's the issue.

The problem might be further up the funnel in cosideration or even brand.

In order for consumers to buy from you, they have to think about your brand in their consideration set. 

In order for consumers to think about your in their consideration set they need to know your brand. 

In order for them to know your brand, you have to be out there consistently with a message that clearly solutions for client pain points and is memorable to your target audience. 

Most clients we conduct audits for have 1 of 3 issues affecting their brands.

Their brands are:
1. Unknown
2. Unclear
3. Unmemorable

When your brand is unknown you have to get in front of the clients with a consistent and always-on messaging. ➡You need organic in tandem with ads and leveraging retargeting pools.

When your brand is unclear then you have to teach the client before you sell. ➡You need educational content (8-10 pieces are consumed by B2B leaders before contacting sales).

When your brand is unmemorable you need to ignite attention and establish trust. ➡ You need better content & creative.

Lead gen ads don't operate in a silo. When conversion is an issue you need to audit the entire customer journey.


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