19 LinkedIn Topic Ideas

19 LinkedIn Topic Ideas

19 LinkedIn topic ideas to build your personal brand

Building a Personal Brand is my passion. 

As an Ex-LinkedIn Manager, I've helped 100s of Fortune 500 C-suite Executives unleash their brand potential and elevate their LinkedIn presence through workshops, consulting and ghostwriting. 

Many clients don't know where to start.

Posting consistently is essential to building an executive brand, but often clients struggle with just what to talk about. 

Here are 19 proven topics that will make an impact on LinkedIn:

1. Myth-bust. Address common misconceptions in your industry and provide evidence-based insights that challenge these myths.
2. Proud career moments. Talk about the big accomplishments and wins + what it took to get there.
3. Failures & f*ups. Careers aren't solely built on the wins, instead, speak to a time you failed and what you learned from that experience. Often failures are more engaging than successes on LinkedIn.
4. BTS. Behind-the-Scenes: Share glimpses of your daily routine, whether it's preparing for a big presentation, participating in strategy meetings, or attending industry events. video content if you can!
5. Your career journey. Young professionals love to hear about career journeys and the specifics on the steps / decisions you're made along the way.
6. Future predictions. Share your thoughts on how your industry will evolve in the coming years. Encourage others to share their predictions too.
7. Books. Recommend books that have influenced your leadership style or provided valuable insights. Summarize key takeaways and explain how they've impacted your approach.
8. Share others work. Share a piece of content from a thought leader you admireand speak to why you admire their perspective. Big props to those that read this and share this guide.
9. Resiliency strategy. Share strategies you or your company has employed to navigate uncertainty and remain resilient during challenging periods.
10. Reverse mentorship. Discuss how your company fosters reverse mentorship, where younger employees contribute valuable insights to senior leaders.
11. Collaboration with competitors. Discuss instances where collaboration with competitors has driven industry advancements and enhanced market dynamics.
12. Disruption dialogue. Talk about how your company is disrupting traditional business models and creating new avenues for growth.
13. Contrarian ideas. talk about where others zig you zag. share ideas that are counter to the status quo.
14. Remote work. Share your thoughts on the future of remote work, its impact on company culture, and strategies for effective virtual collaboration.
15. Sustainable leadeship. Conversations around how you as a leader are evaluating the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and their impact on business reputation and long-term growth. Sub topics could be on the circular economy and waste reduction.
16. The gig economy. speak to how this trend is impacting society and your business. And how you predict it will evolve.
17. Women in leadership. if you are a woman in business share your unique perspective on challenges faced. If you are an ally share how you support a pipeline of future women leaders.
18. Advice to your younger self. linkedin members come to the platform for coaching and mentorship opportunities. share advice for those entering your industry.
19. The hard data. Sharing research, data, stats and your interpretation of that report perform extremely well on LinkedIn.


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